The Progressive Fighting Academy

                       Action conquers fear! Join the team and reach your goals!


Our goal at Progressive Fighting Academy, is to make you better! We offer a variety of programs and classes for children, women and men. We offer training for professional athletes and those who just want to be challenged and have fun while getting in great shape! Take action and let us help you!


We are Lethbridge's only certified Muay Thai/Kickboxing program. We are certified by the World Muay Thai Council. Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is certified under professor Joe Moreira Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association & professor Anderson Goncalves.

Today we have a variety of instructors who teach group classes and private lessons. Our instructors include Brad Wall, Tom O'Connor, Roberta Nikkel, Connor Derry, Trevor Hardy, Kyle Larson, Lucas Neufeld, Vladimir Tatarinov and Andrew Turner.

We are known for three main aspects of our training:

Excellence in teaching: We have some of the best instructors in southern Alberta who are instructed to teach in a safe and effective manner. Whether you want to lose weight, gain confidence, become a professional World Champion or just have FUN; our trainers will help you achieve your goals in the shortest amount of time.

Excellence in Martial Arts: The Progressive Fighting Academy has produced World, North American, Canadian and regional Champions. We have an unsurpassed record to date in southern Alberta. We teach authentic Muay Thai direct from Thailand and our Gi- & No-Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programs are the best in Lethbridge. Our program is respected all over Canada. Few people have the depth of knowledge that the Progressive Fighting Academy has.

Safety: The hardest part of martial arts is starting your first class. Some people are worried to try martial arts for fear they will get hurt; that's why we guarantee your safety in every class and have non-contact training available. Our programs are healthy sport designed to build your body. Since we work with professional athletes daily, we have a smart and respectful approach to training.


"Our goal is to make better athletes and better people!" Join us TODAY and let us help you.

"Action conquers fear!"