The Academy

Our goal at Progressive Fighting Academy, is to make you better! We offer a variety of programs and classes for children, women and men. We offer training for professional athletes and those who just want to be challenged and have fun while getting in great shape! Take action and let us help you!

Join the team and achieve your goals

Group Classes

Students who participate in group classes are more likely to reach their fitness goals than individuals who train alone. In a group class, we provide instructors to push you to your limits; as well as your teammates & training partners.

Muay Thai

Our muay thai and kickboxing classes offer everything from serious muscle toning, increased endurance, to increased power and strength. These classes include shadowboxing, bag work , pad work, and partner training.


Our MMA classes combine the best aspects of different martial arts. You will learn a wide range of skills, from Muay Thai and Boxing, to Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Jiu Jitsu

The strategies used in this class include a variety of takedowns, throws, holds, chokes, and locks. You will practice these skills and techniques with experienced instructors and specialized training methods.

Personal Classes

During private lessons your instructor is your partner for every technique, so they can physically see and feel all of your movements and provide instant feedback on every detail.